Market Consult


Custom and Tailored Approach

At WVD we assist businesses with their lead generation and public relations.  We are more than just Search Engine Optimization and Facebook ads.  Consumers change each year and the methods of just shock and awe with ads are losing their punch.  We at WVD have created a program that uses deliberate engagement online and offline.  We have built a network of engagement professionals to research, identify, assess, engage, and analyze results. 

Research:  Using a team of trained remote researchers we provide ideal engagement criteria.

Identify:  Using Center-of-Gravity analysis and other factors we identify online and offline targets.

Assess: We assess the targets for the accessibility and overall effect according to the client's objectives.

Engage: Our team of operators execute your plan.  We have an offline and online team that will perform the required engagement.  

Analyze: The research team will work in conjunction with the engagement team and analyze the campaign actions.